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Color Combination for Living Room Furniture

Today many homeowners are starting to consider applying minimalist home trend. Moreover, some of the design choices like that would give a different appearance than the other houses concept. Of course we have to choose several options minimalist models. One of them may be by applying the concept of a two-story house for a model like this. However, we must remember that the size of houses that use this design concept should not be too big and broad. In fact, we are also able to maximize the area that is small enough to realize the concept of minimalist house with two floors. In addition, we also have to take into account the size of some living room furniture. One model of minimalist house with two floors can do the integration of the large garage at the front of the house. Usually this will be implemented by placing the main living room furniture. So there is a large wall as a divider between the two areas. Perhaps some homeowners assume that the size of the main door as it is less bulky so it makes access to the house less comfortable. In anticipation of this we can provide a size that is wider at the entrance. In addition, a garage owned minimalist house will also be adjusted by the number and size of vehicles that we have.

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Some preferred the minimalist model homes usually have a lot of different living room furniture. Bulkhead as is usually found on the outer wall and part of the house. In fact, most homeowners also displays close to the bulkhead with a window as an attractive decoration. Of course, the application of this bulkhead should be adjusted to the concept of a minimalist home that we will use. Additionally, the entire bulkhead located on the outer part of the house should have different sizes. This is done to give a better appearance and impressive. Perhaps we can also provide different color combinations on all screens that are on the house. Usually the minimalist model homes with two floors also perform integration of different size. On the first floor, we will have a size larger building. Moreover, on this floor there are a few main rooms like living room, dining room, kitchen, and others. While on the second floor, maybe we just apply some bedrooms and bathrooms. To maximize the function on the second floor, we might be able to provide an open space such as a balcony big enough. We can use the balcony as a place to relax or gather with the whole living room furniture.

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