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The Best Placement for Living Room Furniture

Many options we can apply the concept to get an impressive atmosphere in a minimalist home. Perhaps we can also do a combination of different designs on some parts of the room. Of course this would require better preparation. Some rooms are contained in a minimalist home usually consists of a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom. Each of the room it could have a different decor and provide better comfort. This may be a consideration for us to apply some of the concepts in home decor minimalist. However, before applying the concept of decoration like this, we should also have to take into account the size of each room.

Moreover, the size of the room will affect the application of the living room furniture. Some home decor minimalist concept that we will use usually requires living room furniture that has an interesting design. In the bedroom we could apply neutral color dominance in all parts of the room. The application can be done by using the method of painting on the walls and ceiling of the room. In addition, the dominance of neutral colors in the bedroom may be supported by the floor tiles with different patterns. Perhaps we can also apply a wood floor in the bedroom. Moreover, the application of wood flooring for the bedroom in a minimalist home is often done some homeowners.

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Modern living-room-furniture- by newsnish. com
Other minimalist home decoration can be done by providing comfort to the living room furniture. This room is one that is often used as a place to gather together the whole family. So we have to put a lot of furniture that will make the whole family comfortable. Some furniture is usually placed in the family room usually consists of a large sofa, a few tables, entertainment equipment such as TV, and others. Placement in each of this furniture must also be adjusted to the size of the family room. This is done to provide better access when the whole family gathered together in this room.

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traditional furniture sofa by houzz. com

Maybe we can put some photos on the walls of this room to provide a more pleasant atmosphere. The bathroom can also be an important part of living room furniture. Usually the bathroom interior concept for a minimalist home is different than other homes. The size is quite small in this bathroom will make us do a better arrangement. The walls in the bathroom should have a tile with designs and attractive color combinations. In addition, we also can put some furniture that usually consists of a sink, bath up, shower, cabinets and closets are small. To give a better appearance to the interior of the bathroom, maybe we could use decorative lighting through several lights.

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